At My Tea, we believe tea is lifestyle—your lifestyle.

Whatever your craving, whatever your mood, there’s a cup of tea waiting to be discovered by you.

The world of tea is ancient and vast. It is also yours to bring into your home, into your daily routine, and into your life.

Whether you're a long-time tea lover or new explorer, My Tea is here to help you discover your tea.

Join us in savoring exquisite flavors and rich traditions from around the world. Who knows? They may just turn into unforgettable experiences.

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A great tea is the one that satisfies and inspires you.

We hand-select exceptional teas from around the world and bring them to you as ready-to-steep loose leaves, beautiful gift collections, and personalized tea experiences.

Our tea sommelier personally searches for quality teas and artful blends that provide you a range of exciting choices.

Most of our teas are produced by small-scale farmers, so with each purchase, you're building a community.